The Value of Content Before Website Design

Introduction to Content in a Website:

Content for a website design, simply known as web content, is the representation of some text, graphics, animations, etc. that is published on a web page of a website. The most important factor in generating traffic on websites is web content. For any business website to be successful, its content must also be eye-catching and must engage the visitors of the website. One can organize the web content into various categorizations for navigation to become easy. Another important task to generate the traffic on the website is to make it search engine optimized so that it provides proper responses to the keywords used in searching the content.

Basically, web content has been divided into two types:

1. Text-based content:

This is the simplest form of web content, containing texts on the predefined blocks on the web page. Plagiarism free text content has been considered to be the best and the most used content to generate traffic for the website. One can also add the links to other web pages in text for users to navigate to that page to find information easily.

2. Multimedia content:

Any content other than the textual one can be known as multimedia content. Some of the examples of multimedia content include:

Animation: these can be added to the web page using Ajax, Flash, or GIFs, in addition to the other tools used to create the animation.

Images: Drawings, images, icons, clip arts, etc. can be included in the image contents. Also, it is recommended not to use the images downloaded from other sources and create images to upload on a web page.

Audio and Video: including audio and video content on the website needs a check on the compatibility of the browser to support the audio and video.

Why does content matter for a website?

If we follow statistics, more than 80% of the visitors get a considerable impression of a company after reading its web content. The content marketing concept is being used by more than 85% B2B businesses and more than 75% B2C businesses. It has not only an effect on the strategies you define for digital marketing of your business but also has a great impact on the sales and the frequency of lead generated. Hence, the best quality of the content is key to the successful growth of the business in online mode.

The other elements of the website like visual effects, animations, etc. also play a vital role in a website’s success, but content plays a maximum role. Quality content is the outcome of proper and appropriate research from the current scenario in the market. Hence, know your customers first and then design the specific content the customers would like to read.

To engage more customers, one can also add taglines and captions that are trending with relevant hashtags. Also, content having an effective call to action at the end also can do wonders.

In short, for generating more traffic on the website, content added should be highly qualified that is unique as well as free from plagiarism, interesting to read, engaging the customers, etc.

Take an example of a company website: what is the number of pages in the business website that might contain the details of the company? Let us say an ‘about us’ page, ‘services’ page, ‘portfolio page’, blogs, etc. In short, very few pages of a website would have the actual content to be read by the customers. Hence, it should not be a difficult task of maintaining the content or updating it regularly for those web pages. Remember, frequent updates in the content of a web page can also increase the rank of the website on the search engine.

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How does the right content help?

As mentioned above, the content is the most important element of a website, which engages the customer and generates maximum traffic from the search engine. Again, it is one of the most vital elements for digital marketing strategies. Thus, one can easily target the audience and build trust for business by connecting with them.

The right content in perfect digital marketing can help a website in three ways:

– Helps in creating awareness among the target audience, to assure their decision-making process.

– Marks the online presence of the business, on both- social media as well as search engines.

– One can link the contents of different web pages and hence more traffic for the linked web pages can be generated.

Let us discuss the above advantages of the content in detail.

1. As mentioned above, engaging and interesting content can be helpful in sharing the messages to the target audience from the business side. It is a powerful way to convey information about business and its services to visitors.

2. Updated content can increase the visibility of a website on the search engine. This helps in more revenue through the Google ads as well as more traffic is generated towards the business website.

3. For the web pages to be loaded with heavy traffic of visitors, one trick is to insert the link of a web page with the other, so that when the visitor is reading the content, he might visit the link mentioned in it. Hence, at a time, two web pages can get heavy traffic, provided that the website must have unique and engaging content that creates interest among the visitors.

Benefits of the right content

The following are the reasons to add quality content to your website:

1. It gives value to the readers: For every niche of the business, there is a continuous hunt for the visitors and hence the traffic on the website. In such a case, if interesting content is provided to the visitors, it may attract more readers too, when the visitor shares the same on his social media handle. Ultimately, the value of the content increases.

2. It helps in generating large sales: More are the number of visitors engaged in the websites, more is the interest generated on the business products and as a result, the number of customers also increases, thus increasing the sales of the business.

3. Content lasts long: The web content has the advantage of lasting for a long time until the web page is updated.

4. Chances of social media shares increase: Once the interest for the content is increased among the visitors, the content is likely to get viral on the social media, once the visitors start sharing it and get more number of visitors.

5. Increments the value of SEO: Quality content assures that the given web page is search engine optimized. Hence also helps in improving digital marketing strategies.

6. It increases usability: The content of the website, which is created on some interesting point or a recent topic, is more likely to be searched and read frequently. Hence, the usability of the content is enhanced.

How RK Infotech help you to build a website?

One of the best website development companies located at Rajkot, in India, RK Infotech has offered web development services across the world to several clients to enhance their businesses, at the best and the most affordable market prices.

The web development services are based on the PHP language that is the most used language in the software industry for web development. Interactive, dynamic websites, e-commerce, and other customized solutions are provided by the company.

With the application of knowledge and experience, the company has succeeded in providing user-friendly, unique, and high-performance solutions to its clients.

Some of the frameworks and areas covered by the company for web application development are Angular JS, Smarty, Node JS, OpenCart, Codeigniter, WordPress development, etc.

The company provides the services of dynamic web application development, web designing, and also maintenance services for the same. The web applications developed by the company are custom, database-oriented, and user friendly, also contains highly useful content management structures, especially for e-commerce websites. Also, security features on the website are also something that is taken care of by the development team.

Apart from the development of dynamic websites, the company also holds expertise in static web application development. The static websites are needed in industries, where the services, products, contents, etc. are fixed to mention. Also, these websites can be created as well as maintained easily.

All the stages of the application development lifecycle are covered, starting from the discussion of requirements to finalizing it, creating a prototype for the proposed system based on those requirements, finalizing the designs based on the requirements, colors, images, etc., working on the actual development of the website, testing it using real-time use cases, ad delivering it to the client, finally maintaining the website after it has been delivered. The developers and the project managers remain in constant contact with each other at every stage of the development life cycle.

Some of the best qualities of the companies include their easier payment options, a process that a client can afford, customer-centric model, assuring the best quality of the products delivered.

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In this discussion, we came across the discussion on the web content, importance, and utility for every niches and size of the business in giving more traffic and thus increases the sales of the business. We also came to know about the web development services offered by RK infotech that can be helpful in developing a business website, whether static or dynamic.


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