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The website typically means “a collection of related web pages located under the same domain name..”.The website is the names of two types of Static Websites and Dynamic Websites. Both this type of website has its own significance. But in the general cases in most of the practical uses Dynamic Websites are more preferred over Static Websites. This preference can be explained by a simple reason because static websites are efficient only of handling small websites or for larger websites the management of these websites becomes quite a complex task and hence in such cases dynamic websites are preferred more. Let us understand static websites and dynamic websites by comparing one after the other point.

Creation of static websites and dynamic websites

Both types of websites are generated or created using Html (HyperText Markup Language),  CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), php (Hypertext Preprocessor) and Javascript. The basic designs of both websites are generally created in the same way. The only difference is static websites are fixed that is the data inside any static website can not be amended from any of the sides, from the user side and from the developer side. And when we say of dynamic websites, they can accept certain kinds of changes from a user and certain kinds of up-gradation from developers as well. Thus it is always necessary to keep in mind the need and use for which the website is to be used in the future and then to create the website according to the need of the company and business.

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Usage of static websites and dynamic websites (where they are used?)

Static Websites are one on which there are no need for any kind of changes, to be made in the content of the website. These kinds of the website do not include any kind of user interaction. Thus sites that are only meant to provide certain kinds of information to their audience are the ones which are actually needed to be a static one. Whereas Dynamic Websites are one where users can actually interact with the website and database of the system. Here in Dynamic Website, it is necessary to maintain the database and security of data of users is also needed to be taken care of. Thus it is necessary to decide which website should be used depending on the need of the platform or the company.

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How changes can be made on static websites and in dynamic websites?

Static Websites as the name says, are used just to share particular kinds of information with a specific mass of consumers. Also, these kinds of websites are used only one small scale and very few web pages are linked to such kind of websites. Thus these websites can not be amended. The basic structure of the website can not be changed. Whereas Dynamic Websites are the ones that are managed on a large scale and also provides user interaction facilities. Thus these kinds of websites are amendable from both sides, that is the user can change their details according to the norms of website and developers are always allowed to add more updates to the website to make it more user friendly and compatible. Hence when it comes to making changes in the website, the Static website do not allow any changes and Dynamic website allow two-way changeability as it’s specific functionality.

Which sites are user-friendly static websites or dynamic websites?

User friendly here means the sites that allow the user to interact with specific people who have published that content and also to interact with the website if it has signup and login system. Static Websites do not provide any such kind of facilities but Dynamic Websites provide these all facilities that are it provides a user-friendly atmosphere. Hence when we talk of dynamic website they are more user friendly as compared to static websites.

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How interaction is done with users on static websites and dynamic websites?

As discussed earlier static websites are not at all made to interact with users, thus there is no question of how the user can use it, as the user is not allowed to access any data of the website. When we talk of Dynamic Websites, they provide a two-way interaction process. One from the user side and other from the developer side. Users can interact with the website by commenting on posts, liking and sharing those posts, users can even post their own content depending on the policies of websites. Apart from that users can interact with a database of the website by enrolling or signing up, by logging in to a website through unique IDs, by creating their new accounts. This is how users interact with sites but when we see from the developer side. The developer can add webpages, can get new updates in existing webpages, add new features to the site, make changes to code of existing website and so on. This is why this kind of websites are used for large scale businesses and other large level platforms.

How data is handled in static websites and dynamic websites?

Static websites put up content that is only in readable mode, user can not make any changes in these kinds of sites. Thus these kinds of websites only need to handle their content, apart from that their is no other data available to them for handling it. Dynamic Websites are those that allow user interaction, thus a user can add their personal data, can make changes to their data, sometimes they can also contribute the content of the website and so on. So there is a heavy need of handling this data. Personal data of the user is handled using databases having security according to the confidentiality of the data. Other data are handled according to customized algorithms of the website and that totally depends on the web developer that how they make the site to handle the data.

Where to use static websites and dynamic websites?

Static Websites are used whenever there is a need for putting open content from only the developers’ side. There is no or nominal contribution of user inputting content of the website. Only users are allowed to consume the data. Dynamic websites are nowadays in trend, as every business wants the involvement of their consumers to make them feel that the company is by them and for them. Thus most of the websites are kept interactive in nature that is dynamic in nature.

How to choose the best website type for your business?

Most of the businesses choose a dynamic website to promote their service or product. Dynamic websites can further be customized according to the need of business or company. A developer can add features of static websites by keeping a few of the features locked from the user and letting them use other few. That totally depends on the developer, needs of company and demand of the market.

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