Online Branding And Building Authority: The Ultimate Guide

The whole approach of online branding is going to change by the time we enter into 2020. We are only 1 month away from entering into another decade and already we are set with all new ideas on how to escalate online branding and building authority to a whole new level.

But have you noticed that everywhere people are talking about those cliché techniques but not about some real-time methods that will give you the actual results in terms of numbers? They will tell you about voice search or other AI miracles but do you really think there is anything new to it.

What Is Online Branding?

Online branding is no longer a one-way conversation rather it is more about to engage your customers in all the phases of marketing. The more conversations with your customers will make you stick the reality and cater to them with the products that satisfy their palpable needs and expectations from the product. From a business point of view, your business can gain that set of loyal customers through competitive advantage, correct visibility, communicating the desired messages and increasing the market share further.

It’s not easy to address the picture of future branding, in fact, these online branding trends are penetrating our lives in huge waves which are increasing in terms of power, frequency, and impact. To keep your ball rolling in the game, the brand’s perceiving has to be monitored daily and measures the perception of different values independently.

By this, it will help you in identifying areas of improvement and what is the substantial effectiveness of all your strategic actions.  Without wasting any further time lets delve into some of the online branding techniques and building authority that will help your business to not just survive but to thrive in the age of innovation.

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Best Branding Techniques

Here we share some of the online branding techniques that will help in your business growth.

  • Omnichannel Strategies

Gone are the days when easily smart retailers gain profit by making a fool out of the customers by exhibiting different prices of the same product. Due to globalization and constantly decreasing prices of the internet have made consumers channel-agnostic. They want to browse 24 crosses 7 online and as well as in the stores. There is a growing trend that people try goods especially clothes and then go home and buy the same product at much lower costs from their online websites.

Brands and retailers have to very strategically place the prices of the products so that the consumer does not lose his or her interest in the product and they still make a profit out of it irrespective of the mode of buying (online or offline). According to surveys customers who do cross channels have been more profitable. As the whole shopping process is changing customers are shifting more and more towards the online stores. The biggest and recent example of this is “Forever 21” filed for bankruptcy which was one fast-fashion empire.

The major reason for such a big American brand to doom is the constant rise of e-commerce and influencer inspired styles. According to a survey of March 2019, millennials made 60 % of their purchases online. The brand kept on opening new stores all over the world without keeping their online presence up to date as compared to brands like H&M and Zara. This all leads to their demise.

  • Focus On Millennial Views On Marketing

No one can specifically tell that from which date this generation starts or ends. But this definitely can be said that they cover the maximum percentage of the consumer base. Therefore, satisfying them is the trickiest task as they are the ones who came in the wake of huge advancements in technology and media exposure. 60 % of them think that social advertising is the most influential that how a brand is perceived by the consumers. 40% of them think that the brands who do not advertise through channels or social media are outdated and 55% of them think that friends or close ones are the strongest influencers.

  • Logo Is Paramount And The Forerunner For The Brand

Even before the name of a brand comes to its logo. A company is noticed and is recognized by its logo. Hence, your company’s brand logo creates such an icon that can carry your company’s emotion and rhythm with itself. For good online branding make sure you are keeping a good consistency and simplicity in your logo.

As it is minimalism is in the storm these days, logos nowadays are also adopting this style and as minimal, your brand logo becomes catchier. This can be termed as Blanding your brand and making it more iconic by their quality product and not by decorating the brand logos or names.

The best example is brands like “Nike”, “Levi’s” or “Adidas” irrespective of its logo, the sales for these brands can’t go down at least due to this factor. This is all because simple branding makes it easy for your customers to recognize you and to familiarize yourself with it. The second but equally important reason behind Blanding any logo or theme is to make easier for any brand to get easily blend with different graphics and ads.

  • Branding Visual Content To Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Brand

It has been observed that websites showing more and more visual content that is somewhere or the other is relevant for your brand. According to HubSpot, branded images yield 67% more attention to the viewers and therefore bring in more business. The content creators are more into networks, GIFs, charts, videos, etc. to attract the viewers.

Posting unnecessary ads is simply going out of fashion and is now left no more productive in bringing more business. B2C marketers now focus more on creating webinars and videos. Most of the consumers spend a lot of time on social media anyway so why not giving them good visual content to enjoy and simultaneously serve our commercial purposes. Pick the best out of all the social media channels and make the most use of it by curating exceptional ideas.

  • Consumer Direct Marketing (CDM)

The main aim behind CDM is to remove all the middle parties in the marketing of your products or brand. Like for example the distributors who will use your product to serve their own business purpose. The one who is consuming your product or using it in any other form should be your main customer to put your focus on.

The best example of CDM can be business cards or sending direct mails to your consumers. Mobile marketing is one of the best ways of direct marketing. The impact of consumer direct marketing is more as compared to any mediator or arbitrator who will not do the branding of your product with the same level of enthusiasm and religiously.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being a brand owner you have some responsibilities towards the society and environment. Already initiatives taken by people like Greta Thunberg is on fire. Therefore, it is the best time to establish socially responsible esteem among your users. 88% of consumers believe that companies can influence societal change. Not only these consumers are themselves very conscious regarding the products they are using.

A very good example that is popping in my mind is of the company “P&G” who started this campaign of contributing 1 % of the price of any P&G product for “Girl Education”. This is very revolutionary to think out of the box and come up with an idea that brings in the numbers as well as serve a noble cause. Use this technique of CSR and integrate into promoting your brand in online promoting.

  • Hashtags Are Important

Using trending hashtags in your content helps in ranking your brand quite high. People go crazy about trending hashtags and use them anywhere possible. Hashtags like “#WESEEEQUAL”, “#PHOTOOFTHEDAY” etc. are so trending that you can see them on Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media channel.

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Concluding it by saying that there are many more trends and techniques you can and must take into account in online marketing. Make sure it is serving the right purpose and not hurting any emotions socially or is incendiary.

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