7 reasons why E-commerce is important for your business


E-commerce has gained phenomenal momentum over the past decade and it’s predicted to continue growing worldwide. With the meteoric rise of e-commerce, customers have become more mobile and tab-focused while also demanding high-quality service. There is a multitude of reasons why online business is beneficial to your business.

It helps you build a loyal following, provides you with an opportunity to market to a global audience, and enables you to scale your operations easily. In today’s global economy, small businesses must remain nimble and responsive to suit the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace. E-commerce plays a vital role in both driving business and innovation for these companies.

It allows individuals to find products quickly and efficiently from various regions around the world. E-Commerce also provides a significant return on investment for businesses by improving customer service and increasing repeat purchases. E-Commerce has helped India increase its market share to 40% and make $2.5 trillion in transactions through 2020.

Most of this growth will occur in developing regions where consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services. E-commerce is also a significant driver of job creation and income growth for large businesses in countries across the globe.

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7 reasons why E-commerce is important for your business

Global Reach

E-commerce makes for Global Reach and allows customers to buy from any country around the world. For example, Amazon sells nearly every product imaginable to anyone with a computer and internet connection. Gazelle sells products made for the female form such as swimwear, swimwear accessories, and swimwear.

While the majority of users access the site through browser-based software such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, a growing number are accessing E-commerce via mobile devices simply because they are easier to carry around than a laptop or personal computer.

So when choosing a business or e-commerce provider you should take into consideration your audience’s needs across the globe. With e-commerce, there are no geographical boundaries. Bring the products you love to the people who need them — whether they live in the village or the city. E-commerce helps organize a global marketplace that is friendly to consumers and sellers from around the world. Global Reach means you can reach consumers in any country of the world with a simple and easy search engine query.

Save costs

E-commerce inherently saves cost because it can be handled by thousands of small businesses all over the world instead of a few large ones. It relies less on big businesses ’ ability to innovate and better their products and services or demand response — the traditional methods of business growth — and more on customer demand and its elasticity. As a result, e-commerce has become more efficient in every sense except one: It is still largely dominated by large companies that have the resources and incentive to keep costs low by employing large marketing budgets and crushing any competition they can find in the process.

One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is the ability to offer shoppers convenience at the point of sale. With the advent of online shopping, traditional retailers have had to adapt or die. A conservative approach to e-commerce has been recognized as one of the primary reasons for the downturn in sales.

Always Open

E-commerce is always open. It’s not something you have to be closed down or shut down in any way. The reason for this is because e-commerce is a platform that has continuously evolved and is constantly changing. With diverse services, products, and customers, businesses of all sizes and industries are expected to navigate the e-commerce landscape effectively.

Therefore, with each new version of the platform, there is always room for improvement and customizability. The eCommerce platform itself allows you to do this without having to rely on any third-party plugins. It allows companies to utilize the real-time reports and data from their stores so they can effectively drive their businesses forward in a massive way.

Precise Marketing

E-commerce has seen continuous growth. More and more people are engaging with it. This has given rise to various problems and challenges. With the growth in the number of consumers and sellers, concerns have increased regarding the quality and safety of the supply chain. Precise Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has emerged as a trusted and experienced e-commerce solutions provider with a unique holistic approach to the supply chain management age.

We provide solutions to global brands through vertical market research, data-driven insights, implementation of technology to strengthen visibility and control, compliant marketing strategies.

E-Commerce helps in Precise Marketing because it helps to spread the word about a product and its existence. A customer who wants to buy a product in the open market finds two options: A dealer with a good price who already has some stock or a business which sells the product cheap and offers returns or other incentives for buying from the trader.

Automated inventory management

E-commerce is sending more than a million Americans out of the workforce each month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in manufacturing was only 1.7 percent in the last year, while demand for goods rose by 2.2 percent. With so much change taking place in the economy, software needs to be updated as well as designed to handle these new processes. Automated inventory management is a boon for small businesses. It saves costs by eliminating human labor and simple errors in stock management.

When you’re ready to order, your computer automatically checks to make sure all of your products are in stock, puts them on the website, and then takes payment for them through a credit card number you inputs automatically. The benefits of AIM include speed up your check-out and ordering processes. You can also use it to personalize marketing materials and track accounting transactions, all without having to spend time building elaborate systems.

Customer shopping data

Social media tracking, cookie collecting, selling your personal information for profit, and other shady practices are all against the law. E-commerce business owners have a responsibility to protect the customer’s data they collect. We at E-commerce Watch are here to help.

We will be monitoring companies and e-commerce sites across multiple industries to monitor for any illegal activity taking place in relation to the collection and use of customers’ personal data. The data collected from your e-commerce store can be used to create an extremely detailed profile of your customer.

This is completely different from the data collected from your banner ads or direct mail campaigns. It allows retailers to understand everything from their most popular brands to how customers feel about various products and services. It can also help the retailer prepare for surges in sales that might not otherwise be predicted by spending habits alone.

Local independence and adaptability

E-commerce gives Local independence and adaptability. First, it gives a voice to people who weren’t able to speak before. Second, it gives customers options. Third, it allows businesses to grow organically—without a huge influx in investment—by giving customers what they want at the time they want it.

Nations are growing rapidly online due to the affordable cost of living and convenience factors such as taking shipping logistics out of the equation. With the rapid growth of online sales both in developed and developing countries, there is an urgent need for local content, designs, and services. Local independence and adaptability can be achieved both physically through e-commerce as well as online, by relying on a network of partners and providers that complement each other’s offerings.

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The world has gone digital. With the advent of e-commerce, businesses have opened up to the world and customers have become more mobile. E-commerce has become one of the most important ways that various companies distribute products to their customers.

Numerous studies have shown that brands that embrace innovative marketing techniques are more successful in their attempts to grow. By taking some time to better understand what exactly makes for an effective e-commerce strategy, you will be able to implement one that will have a greater chance of success.

With the rapid growth of online stores, stores without E-commerce capabilities are losing their competitive edge in the market. In the last few years, several large e-commerce companies have entered the Indian market putting pressure on existing players and making it difficult for new companies to gain a foothold. These companies have their own unique set of needs which can make them a better option for certain businesses, certain industries, and even certain people.


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