What is Web Design & Web Development?


A website is an important tool for gaining the trust of modern generation customers. For building a website companies have to understand web design and web development! 

Companies or businesses invest in developing a well-designed website because consumers first search the products on the internet and then they visit the companies. Attracting the consumer website is a necessary tool in the competitive market. 

Website is one of the best digital marketing tools to promote businesses or brands. Through the site, companies boost their revenues and reach their goal. Webpage gains the trust of the consumer and conveys them to purchase the products through these strategies companies increase their sales ratio. 

StartUp companies use this tool for spreading their products’ awareness to the buyers. But before developing a website companies are aware of what is web design and what is web development? 

What is web design?

Web design is a layout of the website which is displayed on the internet. A well-designed website attracts the visitors and gains their trust on purchasing the products but the web design is not clear or complicated then it distracts the customers’ attention. 

Companies develop a website then they have to select the design of the site carefully. Site design must be relevant to businesses’ goals and attractive but not so complicated. 

For making an effective website then the website must have an attractive design. Making an attractive web design, web designers carefully select the font, color, layout, content, etc.

Solid Navigation

Websites have not only one page, with the help of more than two web pages the website is developed. When visitors open any site then as per the web design they enter the home pages. 

They select the pages from the navigation menu when visitors want to know about the details of the products or companies. These navigation menus link the various web pages links and easily navigate the consumer or visitors to the next page. 

Responsive Web design

Consumers generally searched the company’s website through their smartphones or some consumer visited the site through their tabs, laptop, or computers. The website is visited through different gadgets that’s why the website must have a responsive design.

If the website has no responsive design then it distracts the consumers or visitors and is not able to properly convey the messages. 

Style Of website

Website is an image of the companies and their design properly conveys their messages to the consumers. The style of the website is unique and attractive. The style must engage the consumer throughout the whole website page. If companies maintain their brand consistency then select the preferred style for designing the web pages. 

Effective visuals

People are less interested in the text than the video or images. That’s why the visual effects make a good impact on the consumers. 

Web design puts the images or videos on the web pages which are associated with companies or businesses. Through images and videos of the products, companies win the visitors’ trust in their products. 

What is web development?

Website development is a task to build a website dynamic, secure, and hosting via the internet. While developing a website companies need security for their website. 

Developers of the website used HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and Javascript to develop a website. There are two ways to develop a website.

1. Dynamic website

Generally, all the websites are dynamic, companies easily make changes in the dynamic web pages. If companies are not able to change the details of the site then the website is useless. 

Businesses or organizations developed their site because their consumers stay updated but they weren’t able to change the website or get the difficult to update their consumers or visitors. That’s why more than 50 % of sites are developed as dynamic websites. 

2. Static Website

A static website is developed as a normal web page. Companies or businesses are not able to update their website. The static site is the opposite of the dynamic site. 

Web developers develop the static site for the companies or businesses who just want to share their contact details or products information. The companies add new products to their product list then they are not able to update their consumers.  

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Before deciding to develop a website, companies or businesses need to decide their goal for building a website. Without knowing the purpose the website developer didn’t manage to develop the user-friendly site.  

If the businesses have a purpose behind making a website for selling then developers add the e-commerce tools and payment tools on the web page. 

Importance of Web design and web development

Web design and web development is a key point while building the webpage. With the webpage businesses maximize their profits by earning consumer trust in the products. The importance of web design and web development is as below. 

1. Increased Revenue

This is one of the most important aspects of developing the sites for companies. Through the webpage, consumers take interest in buying products and companies maximize their sales and profits. 

Companies or businesses reach several new customers by using the websites. A well-developed web page with an attractive design gains the attention of buyers and conveys them to purchase the products. 

2. Thrust Worthiness

Today’s customers think like successful businesses or companies have sites. Also, companies are trustable, modernized companies or businesses in the market. The companies without a site and do not accept the digital world then they are outdated for consumers because consumers always need something new. Buyers are less attracted to companies whose companies didn’t have any site. If the companies or organizations maintained the trustworthiness of their brand then they have to accept the moralized tool. 

3. Strong First Impression

Supposed StartUp companies are recently starting their product selling in the competitive market then they have to reach several new customers. 

Website is one of the best digital marketing tools to reach several new customers. The consumer first time visits the unknown site, then their design and structure help to make a strong impact on the companies on the customers’ minds.

4. Google Ranking

Businesses invest their money on SEO-developed websites because a strong Search Engine Optimization puts a website on the high ranking and generates traffic. The site traffic increased means consumers take interest in the site because the site is well developed or well-designed with SEO.   

5. Sets the impression for customer service

Consumers need after selling services, if the companies need a long-term relationship with the customers then they have to provide the best customer services. 

Now though the website companies can provide customer services 24*7 hours online. This widget of the site sets a positive impression regarding customer services. This is another great advantage of the site. 

6. Brand Identity

In the competitive market, there are various companies established who sell the same products. The site establishes its own unique identity in the customers’ minds. 

Websites have different pages but with the same font, colors and layout only change in the details. If the companies use a different color, font, and style for the different pages then it looks unprofessional. The companies want stable brand consistency then they need professional web design and development. 

7. Minimized Bounce Rate

When visitors visit the homepage and then exit, this rate is known as bounce rate. Bounce rate increases just because the site is less effective than the other site or less informative. The organization developed or designed their design which minimized their bounce rate. An attractive website caught the visitor’s attention until the end of the site. 

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Developing a website is a great strategy made by companies to reach out to new customers digitally. But before that companies have to understand the importance of the website. If the businesses know about web design and web development then they easily figured out about their site. 

Before developing a site companies cleared their need and requirement or purpose of the developing site in front of the developers. The benefit of a clear vision is an organization gets the proper output of what they need and boosts their revenue by the website. 

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