What Is SEO Friendly Website? Why Do You Need It?

Every business or company wants to expand today. Everyone wants clients from all over the world and the best way to get your business online is to create a website. But sometimes it is not possible for all businesses to get more traffic on their websites. This is where SEO comes into the picture.

SEO stands for Search Engine Organization. The simple meaning of this term is to rank your website in the topmost position for some specific kind of keywords. When a  user types specific kinds of keywords in any search engine, the search engine would search the most relevant content related to those keywords and would show websites and blogs most relevant to that keyword.

The person who helps in optimizing the websites and blogs is known as Search Engine Optimizer. These Optimizers are of three types. All these types are listed as:

  • Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer
  • White Hat Search Engine Optimizer
  • Grey Hat Search Engine Optimizer

Explaining all these terms in their shortest possible way in the following few lines.

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Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer

Name itself says that this is not the thing that an ethical person should persuade. The person who practices SEO technics in an illegal way of getting better ranks of their websites comes under this kind of category. This includes keyword stuffing, sometimes adds backlinks in wrong way. These types of techniques are totally illegal and one can take legal action against such practice. These kind of practices sometimes may lead to the crash of a website or any legal actions against the website.

White Hat Search Engine Optimizer

White Hat SEO people are the one who practices website and blog optimization for some people and any specific company or business. This is the category where you should imagine yourself if you are dreaming of being into this field. These type of people provide paid services to websites and blog to rank them in top positions for specified keywords which are relevant to the content of the blog.

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Grey Hat Search Engine Optimizer

Grey Hat SEO, as the name suggest these kinds of people range between the qualities of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO is less ethical then White Hat SEO and less dangerous than Black Hat SEO. This kind of practice are done for personal benefits and sometimes to get more traffic to the website is not so an illegal way. So this kind also there are chances that legal actions can be taken against the individual or company practicing Grey Hat Optimization.

So these were the three kinds in which Search Engine Optimizers can be categorized. Now you might have got a clear vision about what actually SEO is and what are types of it. So let’s see what is the actual need of optimizing the website or blog. Is it actually needed? Why do companies pay a ton lot of money for just ranking a page on a specified search engine?

For that let us first understand what ranking on a specified search engine means.

Ranking means when a user types in a specified set of keywords, then search engine searches content that has a maximum number of similar keywords typed in by the user are accordingly displays blogs and websites in the sequence. This sequence of displaying the blog according to relevancy and arranging them for the user is known as Ranking. Content is the most important thing for ranking a website on the top of best search engines like Google and Youtube.

Content is all people get attracted to. It should be unique, should be arranged in the most relevant sequence so that it remain easy for the consumer to get all the information in proper way. After providing the best quality content, title, tags, backlinks also play a very important role in managing a very good ranking on the search engine.

To maintain tags and backlinks website or blog manager needs the help of optimization. This would lead to a very good traffic generation on the website.

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What is the need for Search Engine Optimization?

Websites are of two types one that provides information about the specified topic and others are the one that is made to sell some kind of service or product that is some kind of E-commerce websites. All this needs to get proper ranking on search to reach their designated audience and consumers. Thus SEO would help these websites to rank on topmost ranks with the help of keyword setting, designing proper meta-data, attaching proper tags that are more in trend, distribute keywords all over the content uniformly, adding backlinks and lot more. All this requires years of experience and hands-on practice to make it worth. Thus a company heirs a person or a team specially dedicated to this task. Thus it is mandatory to work on SEO for getting properly ranked on a search engine.

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