Top IT Companies of Rajkot with their best software


Technological innovations are reshaping the world we live in. Exponential advances across technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, IoT, and augmented and virtual reality would continue to transform every aspect of human life.

Rajkot, Gujarat, is one of the cities that is known for IT companies. Working and finding a job in an IT hub like Rajkot is not so easy. Everyone has their own opinions and requirements. If you are struggling to find a job in an IT company in Rajkot, then this blog is going to help you out.

Below are some best IT companies with their best software in Rajkot. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

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Top IT Companies of Rajkot with their best software.

1. Manufacture ERP (Delight ERP)

The Manufacturing Management Software is a comprehensive solution for materials management and production planning. Delight ERP provides one of the best Manufacturing Management Software to help manufacturers to improve their production processes.

Delight ERP offers you software with various features through which you can handle accounting, purchases, sales, raw materials, finance management, marketing, human resources, etc. Manufacturing Management software helps to manage all workloads with a single software.

Delight ERP is one of the leading Custom ERP software development company in Rajkot, Gujarat (India). Delight ERP Software is a significant cloud-based solution. The best ERP system is a cost-effective solution to help you to establish a fully integrated & smart business. Our highly advanced cloud ERP software contains various modules that focus on essential business areas.

2. Online Exam Software (Conduct Exam)

Online Exam Software is the best solution for every educational center to adopt. Conduct Exam is an innovative online exam system or robust Online Test Software that includes a large combo of software applications for web-based exam software, offline exam, computer-based test, center-based exam, online assessment software, and many more.

Online software provides a protected and stable stage for examiners to make and arrange various types of tests/exams for Educational/Coaching Institutions, Corporate, governments, coaching centers, and other leading organizations.

Online examination system gateway is a stage toward modernization. It will decrease your expenses and increase benefits.

3. factor – HR solution for Growth

factor HR software is a modern, mobile-first, plug-n-play, hire-to-retire HR tech platform that enables businesses to automate their daily HR functions & deliver actionable insights to achieve business objectives faster.

4. Mircale Accounting Software

The miracle is general-purpose accounting software that is scalable from the accountant to the small shop owner to big industries. My Investor, Miracle-G, Miracle-Mandi, and Miracle-Petro are other products developed by the company.

RKIT Software Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1998 by three young entrepreneurs. Today they are amongst the top 10 accounting software providers in India.

5. Aakash Accounting Software

Plus Accounting Software is Easy & Advanced general-purpose accounting software with an Audit trail, secured data backup on your own Google Drive account, and other many unique features like Whatsapp sharing, Telegram Sharing, Cloud Reporting Portal & Android App, Scheme Management, Auto Bill From Order, Packing / Crate Stock, etc. We provide accounting software that is suitable for various business categories like Accountants, Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Industries, Mobile Shops, and other SMEs.

6. Kishan – Mandi Software

Kishan is the Most Popular accounting, billing, and inventory software for APMC market yard traders and commission agents. It is easy & best accounting software that satisfies every need of commission agents and traders. It is useful for Grain Merchants, Traders, Anaj Mandi Merchants, Mandi Muneem, Grain Mandi Merchants, Sabzi Mandi Merchants, and Vegetable & Fruit Merchants & Commission Agents.

7. Kuber Accounting Software

Kuber Accounting Software aims at constructing an all-in-one personalized online midpoint, which has customized journals. Here accountants could connect with tools and individuals stumble upon their business on regular basis. They make constant efforts to implement the latest technology as per trend which would make Accounting trouble-free, quicker, and effortless.

Kuber Accounting Software having experience of 15+ years has made them expert in this field and now they are established across Gujarat and in several parts of the county with the name “Kuber Accounting Software”.

8. kevit – ChatBoat

Important benefits of the kevit – ChatBoat:

  • Serve customers across channels.
  • Understand customer needs in natural language.
  • Create workflows with rich media, carousels, video,
    GIFs and Forms.
  • Integrate with backend systems using API.
  • Escalate query to live agents.

Kevit is an Artificial Intelligence solutions provider specializing in NLP-based bot development, big data analysis, and web data collection. We believe in a strong client relationship & delivering significant value to their businesses.

9. Myalgomate Technologies

MYALGOMATE TECHNOLOGIES exclusively designs platforms for retail traders who desire to pursue Algo trading as a serious business. We bring the best-in-class Technologies, Platforms, Brokers, and strategies to realize your dream of Algo trading.

Services Offered:

ALGO TRADING PLATFORMS – We bring the best platforms for Algo Trading.
STRATEGY IDEATION – Expand and detail your idea into a full-fledged strategy.
INTEGRATION – We connect the dots across all systems & platforms.

MYALGOMATE is engaged in the development of fully automated algo trading software which assures risk-taking traders to make their experience of algo trading as smooth as they want and for that, we are here to put our 100% effort to make your strategy execution simpler and faster.

10. Prompt ERP (Medical Software)

They develop software solutions for various segments and try to achieve excellence in collaboration with our Customers. It has been our passion to deliver value propositions and empower our customers to take remarkable benefits of Technologies. To keep pace with technology trends we accept newer technologies and enrich our solutions using them.

11. Album Sense

We have come up with a very easy and fast design and user-friendly UI, popular shortcuts, and a new way of working. Unique features like drag and drop mode and cloud mode make your work faster and easier so you can enable more design options. With drag mode as well as cloud mode you can open, place, replace, overlay, etc. designing content from your local drive or our cloud server as well as non-destructive PNG with input-output support of graphic formats like PSD, PNG, and JPEG. Such a unique feature will also be available now.

12. Ransomware protector 

UQuick Technologies is a leading IT security solutions company. Each UQuick Professional product is designed to simplify Windows and Software Errors Resolve within Seconds. The services are tailored to suit the needs of consumers, small businesses, government establishments, and large corporations.

13. TilesView

Tile Visualisation Software Everything is just a few clicks away. We call it the fastest Graphic Designer. Pick any of our preloaded rooms, pick any of your tile designs, save the image, and your graphic for social media posts is ready. Again, pick any of your tiles on any of our rooms, keep adding as many of the images on the catalog, and make as many catalogs as you wish. Getting orders becomes the quickest too. The client visualizes a tile and drops an inquiry there itself.


Rajkot is one of the fastest growing cities in Gujarat, having many good IT companies that create a hassle for the candidates to choose the best.

Hopefully, the above listing checklist will help you choose the best companies. But make sure, before choosing one, just do in-depth research for that company to match your requirements.

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