Top 10 ways IT service makes your business successful


IT service can be defined as a service that mainly focuses on the application of the expertise of a person in business as well as technical fields, for organizations to create, manage and optimize or access the required information and the process meant to run a business.

The market of IT services is generally partitioned into various fields like designing, building, and running an application. Also, these services are classified as services for the execution of business processes in a company, application-based services, and infrastructure-based services.

Generally, IT services are being outsourced by the company. In this scenario, the IT services are usually referred to as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), IO (Infrastructure Outsourcing), and AO (Application Outsourcing).

Let us understand the true meaning of an IT service using an example.

For a hospital serving a large number of patients daily, managing their records on paper may become clumsy and tedious. Storing all the data in a spreadsheet might sound easier initially, but again, it might become hard to handle when the amount of data increases and the modifications, manipulations, insertion, deletion, or updating of the data becomes a complex thing to execute. In these cases, there arises a need for a system, that can manage the patient data easily, which we generally call a patient or hospital management system that does all the complex tasks within a fraction of seconds, no matter how large is the amount of data to be handled.

Here is where the concept of IT services comes into the picture. The administrators of the hospital can contact any IT services provider, discuss the requirements with the business development team of the company, and finalize the scope of the services the hospital management requires, in addition to the budget and the timeline of the fulfillment of the services.

The management software developed by the IT services provider makes sure that the cycle of a patient in the hospital like booking an appointment, paying the charges for a visit, doctors prescribing the medicines, or sometimes instructions to undergo some health-related tests for proper diagnosis, etc., undergoing the tests, submitting the report to the doctor, further medications, etc. all these activities are managed by the software to be developed.

With the help of this application software, all the patient records like the name of the patient, either he is an existing patient or new one, details of the problems and complaints of the patient regarding his health, the doctor consulted, details of the reports as a result of various tests undergone, medication provided to him, etc. can be stored and manipulated as required.

Generally, when an organization, be it the hospital, or school, or a library, or any other organization that needs to handle and manipulates a large amount of data, does not approach the IT service providers just for the sake of getting used to the latest technologies and showing their customers or stakeholders the advancement they are using.

Also, the organizations are least concerned with the technical aspects of the application like the technologies used to develop it, the database involved in the application, how many lines of code it contains, how the layouts are designed and how the navigations among the screens are done. It mainly focuses on how easy the work it can make and how it can improve business efficiency.

There are certain outcomes of using these IT services in their organizations, with the main objective being spending fewer efforts and focusing on more growth of the organization. The hospital management system discussed earlier sees the outcomes as an increase in the efficiency of the nurses who are keeping the record of all patients, and can easily find out the required details of the patient whenever required. Also, there are lesser chances of errors in entering the data as all other operations are handled by the system.

Also, the doctor need not remember the previous consultations of the patient when the same comes to visit him multiple times. He can just type the name of the patient and select it, and the system will display all the relevant information about that patient. Hence, with this IT service, a lot of time for the patient as well as the doctor is saved and hence the latter can invest this time in focusing on the ways to treat and medicate the patient.

A similar type of IT service can be described as below

  • Services that manage the data and the business processes of an organization, starting from the basic details of the company to handling a large number of transactions, human resources, etc., which we commonly call an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Services for marketing the business products online through search engine optimization pay per click ads, social media marketing, etc., which we call Digital Marketing.
  • Services that take part in designing dynamic and attractive logos for the company, infographics, etc., in the field of graphics design.
  • Services that help in taking your physical business of selling goods online, by developing various e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Services that help you in making your business presence online, and searchable with the help of SEO techniques, etc., with the help of web application development.
  • Apart from these, the services for mobile app development in Android, iPhones, wearable devices application development, IoT based services, etc. are all a crucial part of the IT services.

In the next section, let us have a brief discussion on some of the reasons why you should opt for IT services for your business and how it can help your business grow.

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Top 10 ways IT service make your business successful

As mentioned above, the organizations opting for the IT services mainly focus on how the services can help in increasing the growth of the business or the company, and not interested in the technical aspects.

Hence, in this section, we will discuss some of the advantages of deploying IT services in an organization.

1.      Helps in reducing the manual efforts of the employees

Generally, the account, finance, and its transactions, taxations, etc. are maintained by the account section of the company manually or through spreadsheets. Hence, there is a problem when manipulation of a large amount of data is required. In such a case, the chance of errors increases, and hence the financial statements of the company may contain flaws. In this scenario, accounting software and other taxation software may sound useful.

2.      Handling data management tasks in large institutions

Schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, salons, etc. need a data management application that can easily do the data manipulations over a large amount of data as it cannot be handled by a single hand. The use of a barcode system, unique identification, and authorization, secure login, report generation, etc. can be included in the software.

3.      Takes your business online to sell goods

E-commerce platforms can be developed by the IT services provider to help businesses expand their scope online and get more sales of their products. Also, an opportunity for expansion of the business in other areas too arises once the business is taken on the internet.

4.      Marks an online presence of  your business online

A web application development service enables the presence of the business online with the help of attractive and engaging websites, with the help of which potential clients can communicate with the business owners, once laid interest on the website. Blogs, newsletters, etc. can also be included in the website to engage more leads.

5.      Promote business online

Using various digital marketing strategies, one can create promotional campaigns for the business on various social media platforms, search engine optimization techniques, on-click ads, etc. This helps in creating awareness about the business among the target audience and hence increase the number of leads generated per day.

6.      Creates awareness using graphics

Flyers, pamphlets, banners, logo design, infographics, etc. can be developed by a graphics designer that helps in attracting the audience towards the business and also promotes the business among them. These graphics are a combination of the text content to convey the potential customers as well as the images to attract and tempt them to engage with the product.

7.      Mobile application development services are a boon for the businesses

Mobile App Development for the business helps in reaching out to the maximum audience as people tend to use mobile applications frequently, as compared to getting the information of the product and the business through browsers. The applications can be built for Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones, etc.

8.      Wearable devices app development is a new trend now

The IT services also provide the development for applications for wearable devices like a smartwatch, especially used in the field of health care.

9.      Augmented Reality and animations are a new model for entertainment

For companies dealing with the entertainment of their audience, the IT services provide the solutions to build the animations and the applications including the augmented reality features to engage their audience.

10.   Smart homes, smart cities, etc. are smart ideas for business

The IT services also deal with IoT based projects and provide sensor-based applications for home automation, smart cities, etc.

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The IT services have been creating wonders among almost all fields in the businesses and hence the companies and organizations have seen a drastic growth in their development with the help of these services.

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