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As a businessperson, sometimes difficult to decide whether to heavily invest in marketing in Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). PPC refers to paid Internet advertising for which you pay a fee each time you click on your ad, while SEO refers to optimizing your website to appear higher in search results and earn. . A large amount of unpaid organic traffic. In this article, we will break down PPC and SEO to help you make the best decision for your business and marketing budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

As mentioned earlier, with Pay Per Click, you run online advertisements and have to pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad. It is also called search engine marketing (SEM) or paid search. Google is the main provider of paid search advertising through its Google AdWords platform. Google advertises on the Search Network and Display Network. Search advertising refers to the advertisements that you see in search results, while the Display Network refers to advertisements that you visit other websites on the Internet.


Status in search results

With PPC campaigns, when users search for specific keywords, you can show your ads in search results. Users uncover your ad when they are actively searching for keywords related to your business. Ads dominate the first four slots on desktop and the first three slots on mobile devices. Depending on your Quality Score and bid, your ad may be the first search result a user sees when searching for a keyword. The quality score is based on three factors; namely expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page.

Reach Your Target Audience

With PPC, you can optimize your audience for your ads. These keywords are targeted by location, language, device, time, or day of the week, previous site visits, and interests.

Control your budget

Thanks to its flexibility, you can control your budget, and if you have a high-quality score, PPC advertising can be a low-cost option for your business.

Data and flexibility

With PPC advertising, you can generate reports and identify which strategies work and which do not. You can quickly change or close low-performing campaigns, or increase your budget for high-performing campaigns. This data also provides additional information about user search behavior, which is used in biological search efforts.

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High potential cost

Without proper knowledge of how the PPC platform works, you can spend excessive money. Also, if the keywords you use are highly competitive and cost-per-click, it can be difficult to get high ranked ads with low budgets.

Continuous monitoring

PPC campaigns are not a “set it and forget it” marketing strategy. These are required weekly, if not daily, monitoring. To get the best ROI, it is important to focus on constantly adjusting your campaigns to ensure that everything runs smoothly and more efficiently.


As mentioned earlier, it is mandatory to invest time in learning the PPC campaign platform. With Google AdWords, we recommend using a Google Partner with full knowledge of a Google Certified Agency or Platform.


With PPC, the traffic flow generated is not sustainable. If you stop paying or stop the campaign, this traffic stops immediately. All additional benefits for your organic SEO from PPC traffic will simply dissipate quickly.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are many ways to increase the usage of your website and display it high in organic search results. This includes a combination of technical expertise, creative elements, and strategic planning to increase traffic, improve rankings, and increase conversions. Search engines are smart, but they need additional help in understanding what your site is and checking its reliability. By using some SEO tactics, you can eliminate any confusion that may occur in the search engines and position your website for success.


Increase organic traffic

One of the main sources of web traffic to all sites is organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo! Or Bing. Creating an SEO strategy and optimizing your website helps search engines determine the value of your website. This will help you drive more traffic to your site and allow your site to be located faster.

More durable

Unlike PPC campaigns, your efforts don’t stop when you stop paying. SEO efforts will continue to drive traffic, help you develop your website, and provide ongoing benefits to your business. However, these benefits will begin to fade over time.

Reliability and reliability

If your site appears better in organic search results, then you can greatly improve your credibility in the perception of users searching for a company like yours. Displaying search results on page 1 will describe the legitimacy and trust of the company appearing on the page. 3.

Advantage of condition

Once you establish yourself in organic search results, your competitors simply can’t pay more to rank above you. It’s about the quality, usability, and reliability of your website.

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Increasing traffic and high rankings in search engine results will not make SEO overnight. It takes time for search engines to find out about your site while collecting the data needed to rank your site.


Effective SEO is complex and requires both technical and creative elements. Several factors play a role in creating an effective SEO strategy. Without proper knowledge of how SEO works or what is needed for a successful SEO strategy, your efforts may be in vain.


Because developing an SEO strategy is complex and requires many different elements, it is important to know all the inputs and results before dedicating your time and money. We recommend that you use a professional agency that can properly evaluate your website and implement the most effective strategy to ensure the best ROI for your business.

PPC or SEO for your business and marketing budget?

It’s hard to decide which strategy would be best for your business. If you’re a small local business with little competition, giving up PPC and trusting SEO may be the best option for you. You’re an e-commerce company and you compete with Large companies like Amazon or Target, organic search results can be difficult to compete, no matter how much you devote to an SEO strategy.

In an ideal world, we recommend using a combination of PPC and SEO in your online marketing strategies. They work better together, strengthen, and support each other. Business objectives, target audience, and budget are some of the major factors to consider when developing an internet marketing strategy for our customers.

Creating a PPC campaign or SEO strategy is something you want to dive into, but do you know where to start? We help you. We regularly set up and manage PPC campaigns, as well as develop and execute consistent SEO strategies for our clients.

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