Is Your Site Ready For Mobile-First Indexing?

Consider these three main concepts as a developer for ranking and mobile-first indexing the website.

  1. What is the mobile-first indexing?
  2. Why mobile-first indexing is done by Google?
  3. How mobile-first indexing affects the websites?

1. What is mobile-first indexing?

Predominantly, Google crawls your web content of the mobile version for indexing and ranking. Google search engine index is the collection of web pages/documents. Then, Google webmaster choose the mobile-optimized website to be indexed along with the desktop version.

2. Why mobile-first indexing is done by Google?

Google mobile-first indexing is a very latest strategy because mobile is the handy and primary device for all web users. Nowadays, the internet speed is too fast. The mobile-friendly site is increased speed will better support mobile browsing, enabling users to complete many more tasks within a small time period while on the go. Cloud storage is integrated with the web for mobile usage anyone can easily and rapidly access large amounts of data in cloud storage. Behind the mobile-first indexing approach, an additional reason is the concept of HTML5 and CSS3, this new functionality supports responsive JavaScript calls. The app developer is able to adjust websites as per device: mobile/tablets. 

3. How mobile-first indexing affects the websites?

Currently, the important thing which you should be aware that Google prefers the mobile version first for a site to the desktop version. Google’s organic rankings algorithm work on mobile-friendly websites. Penalties factors affect ranking not indexing and there’s a whole host of other factors that also can affect rankings differently on desktop versus mobile. If anyone has only a desktop version or only a mobile version of the website then no worries about that because Google will separately index that version which you have.

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