How To Choose The Best Lead Management Software

Adding lead management software in the company ERP has proved to be a beneficial approach to manage leads of the company through an automated process. This has reduced the stress and the burden of the sales team of the company, due to the manual load of handling the leads by communicating with them, following up, storing the latest communication details, etc. Hence, a lot of time and effort is being saved with the use of lead management software.

Lead management software is readily available in the market. Various business organizations have developed this software with varying features and functionalities and have introduced in the market for selling purposes.

Hence, we can say that for a particular software, there are a large number of options available in the market, and choosing the right one for a specific organization of business is a more difficult task.

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Things To Take Care Before Selecting Lead Management Software

So in this article, we have tried to focus on the factors and aspects that need to be kept in mind before choosing for right lead management software for your business, so that you can make sure that your money isn’t wasted. You have invested in useful and relevant lead management software.

Following is a list of a few questions that you can ask yourself to come to a conclusion about which software to purchase and deploy and which can be ignored or bypassed.

What are my needs?

Just for your reference, there are three kinds of lead management software available in the market: one that can be integrated with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), one for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and one for the marketing automation.

If you wish to notify all the departments of the company regarding the status of the lead, then you must go for the option of integrating your lead management software with the ERP of the company.

The CRMs, Customer Relationship management platforms come with a package of functionalities for management of salesforce, funnels, performance tracking, and qualification of leads by using some pre-defined filters and conditions, etc.

Marketing strategy automation systems are more functioned explicitly for lead management software. The leads are being generated and the other processes like lead nurturing, social media integration, creating landing pages, managing blogs of the company, functionalities for business intelligence, etc. are managed using these systems.

So now you have to decide which type from the above three software do you need?

What is my actual budget?

It is essential to fix the budget for purchasing the software as it may affect your annual company’s budget. Also, it would help if you had in-depth research on the features of the software you require as of now and what you would be getting as a package when you go and purchase the lead management software.

The software with high-end features and functionalities would cost you more than those with the basic features and functionalities.

It is also possible that you might come across some free lead management software on the internet. But, don’t give them a go ahead and download the set-up environment as the data security, performance, efficiency- these features might be at a stake when you install them.

So here is a piece of free advice: don’t buy too high end packaged software if your business is a start-up or is a small organization, save it for other business campaigns, but neither you should go for the free software available on the internet.

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Is it user friendly? Is it Customizable? Or is it automated?

Customization is essential functionality for a business to look upon, before purchasing any lead management software. It will assure you that your business needs are covered, and nothing is left out.

But the problem arises when your staff is not able to cope up with the custom solutions developed in your lead management software.

Also, buying a user-friendly lead management software does not necessarily mean that you start deploying the advanced features of the software and go beyond your estimated budget.

Just keep in mind that the staff that would be using this system might not be technologically sound and hence would need the training to learn about the new system.

What is the actual niche that is suitable for this lead management software?

The choice of lead management software also depends on the niche of the business as the requirements for the software might differ for the different slots of the market. For example, if the lead management software is required to purchase for a software company, then the lead management system can have the relevant modules that might not apply to the business where automobile or hardware components are involved.

Also, the information regarding whether your organization follows the business to business strategy or marketing to consumer strategy matters. For example, niches like pharmacy can have a different set of protocols for choosing the system as they involve time and date critical business transactions.

If you once go through the list of the popular lead generation software, which was released in the year 2017, you will find a filter that is added to the list names “Software Advices”, which includes the type of lead management software specifically for the particular industries along with their features and costs.

How should I store my data? Online or offline?

Storing data online using the cloud has been a new trend these days. Also, it has been widely accepted by all niches of businesses. The data is stored on the vendor’s servers and can be accessed online anywhere anytime.

Offline mode means to work with the data sitting in your offices, using their computers and offline databases.

Still, the decision of working online or offline can also affect the budget of the company as working online on cloud-based software might cost a little bit more than the offline modes.

Cloud-based software is cheaper, but the maintenance costs for it may affect your finance sheets. On the contrary, the offline mode may cost you more in the initial stages, but later there are no such after-purchase costs.

Data security issues are overcome by the vendor of the software itself in the case of cloud-based software, whereas, in offline mode, it becomes the company’s responsibility to secure the data.

Is the expansion of the software possible if my company grows?

For smaller to medium-sized to large size organizations, the lead management software is available for all the organization sizes with varying features and functionalities.

Now the doubt may arise that if I purchase a software that is compatible with my small company, do I need to buy another software or go for other options if my company expands and the list of “must-have features” increases for the current lead management software that I have purchased?

The answer is No. You need not go for other options or purchase whole new software once your company shows expansion. The underlying lead management software always comes with customization functionality. All you need to do is to pay a small amount to the vendor to get your software customized, and it will be ready to use as per your requirements.

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Final Words

So these were some of the common frequently asked questions that you need to keep in mind before going for a purchase of a relevant lead management software, as per your business requirements.

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