How ERP Helps A Business Person In Getting Online Sales Leads

Everybody is familiar with uses of Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and its uses for the purpose of managing the relationships with customers, managing inventory, information storage, report generation, managing projects, etc.

One such important functionality in this software is that it manages leads for the businesses in a company. So here we are going to discuss how ERP helps a business person in getting online sales leads.

ERP module consists of the management of leads and tracking their activities to convert into potential clients.

The sales plus marketing team of the company got a huge relief with the integration of this automated lead management system as many manual tasks are being reduced for them.

Why Necessity Of ERP?

To survive in the market, a strong team for sales and marketing is required, which may help in building new customer relationships and maintaining the older ones.

For this, the team has to undergo various tedious manual tasks of maintaining the customer data, details of the leads, records of communications and its follow-ups with the leads, etc.

Hence, an automated system that can handle all these tasks is required.

Wondering how the system works for the benefits of the sales as well as marketing teams? Let’s get into a brief discussion on it in this blog.

To understand this, let us have a brief idea on what are the features of a lead management feature of the ERP package and elaborate them for understanding.

Starting with the details of the customer, this can be maintained in a database, which can be distributed to the relevant departments, with the data to be stored centrally.

Hence, any authenticated user of the system can have access to this data.

If the organization does not want to share the data across any other departments accept the sales plus marketing, the admin who is handling the software can keep various access controls, so they can control the access of this data.

With this feature, not only data storage and access issues, but also the security concerns of the leads’ data can be overcome.

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How ERP Helps In Getting Business Leads?

Using this system, multiple leads’ data can be accessed and modified. One or more people are working mutually for the same lead, they can easily access and update the lead data in the database, Also if any update comes, the facility of the update is also available.

Even if they try to update the lead data together, they can easily do it without facing any issue with the data storage.

Tracking the activities of the leads like their interests, purchase patterns, their businesses with other organizations, etc. can be maintained easily in the database.

The sales and marketing teams can utilize this data for planning their communication, business strategies with that lead, etc.

Just feed the data once in the module, and leads tracking will be done easily and all you need to do is get the data from the software as and when needed.

The data of the leads like their origin, past and present businesses, personal interests, turnover of their business, etc can also be collected and stored in the system.

The social media accounts, professional accounts of the leads are constantly monitored for accomplishing this task.

This is also managed by the lead management software so that the team does not have to keep monitoring the social media accounts of the leads every time.

Real time reports for the lead communication with respect to the number of follow-ups, calls, emails, messages, etc can be generated for evaluation.

Whatever discussion is done through calls and emails, can be entered as a data in the software, and can also be fetched whenever required, especially when follow up needs to be taken based on the previous conversation.

The latest ERP packages containing this module also provide the facility of automated e-mail and SMS generation and can also send it to the leads by its own.

You can also schedule the time and date on which the emails and SMS should be sent to the leads.

This feature comes into handy especially when a new product or business is launched and the ad campaigns require promotions amongst the leads. This can help in increasing the conversion rate of the leads to potential clients.

Improvement in teams’ collaboration is also possible as the leads are distributed by the platform itself, filtering by the expertise of the team member for that particular product.

Once the employee data is feed in the ERP portal, this module fetches data regarding the employees’ expertise in a particular product or business and assigns the leads to that employee accordingly.

This feature ensures that the lead is assigned to the employee as he would have all the knowledge about the product the lead might be interested in. This also helps in increasing the lead to client conversion ratio.

Promotional ad campaigns on social media as well as e-mail marketing can also be managed by the software.

As discussed above, the automated lead generation module will do the work of sending promotional emails and messages to the leads to acknowledge them about the new products being launched, nee schemes and offers introduced in the existing catalogs, etc.

This will help reach out to the leads and, the leads would also be able to revert easily if interested in any of the offers or products.

Features Of The ERP Lead Management Module

Summing up, let us list down the features of the lead management module, in quick words, that are to be included in the ERP package.

  • Monitoring of selling orders and processing them is easy.
  • Alls and emails can be scheduled and prioritized.
  • You can have one-to-one interactions with the leads easily.
  • Saves time and effort of the team members.
  • Report generation that helps in tracking the status of leads, conversion ratio, etc. can be done easily.
  • Tracking lead activities on social media is also possible.


Concluding the blog, integrating lead management functionality in an ERP package can prove very advantageous for organizations for managing the leads if the number of leads is large.

For small organizations, there is always an option for customizing the software if this module was not included whilst initial purchase. I hope the above-mentioned information is useful to you!

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