How does a website impact business?

Well, the word website, is such a familiar word that we usually use it in our day to day life? Have you gone on its website. Please visit it..!! Well this kind of normal conversation with our friends or colleague or family members. In today’s digital era, most of the thing is linked to World Wide Web. So is the website.

Website of any particular company is so important that it itself shows what work company does. Along with it has immense importance of what people perceive about the company or related work.

The number of website around the world is increasing day by day. In March 2022 itself there are around 1.93 billion active website around the world. Per day nearly 2 lakh websites are added in the WWW. Ever wondered why there is so much increase in the number of websites around the world.

To this there are various reasons which can be listed below:

  • Business purpose
  • Knowledge purpose
  • Entertainment purpose
  • Individual interest of blogs, or website
  • Social media
  • News across the region

The above are the basic need why people create website. Website such as are meant for knowledge purpose. It is a website where data of DNA sequence are stored along with that there are various search engines and links available.

The Entertainment websites such as are meant to display movies or serial episodes which are regularly used by many users

Writer, philosophers, technological knowledgeable person creative art people, etc use their personal blogs or website to express their work and skills.

News nowadays is mostly online and use of newspapers has reduced drastically.

Social media is an important platform to connect, know and understand what is going on in the world and their interest group people.

Now websites are also used for business purpose. This means website has a huge impact in business activities. Lets us see how website has an impact on business.

  • Authenticity of business

The use of website is very important to make people feel that the company or firm is authentic. Whenever people search for any product of that business they first go to their website. It is because website of any company reflects so many things.

The central idea of what customers or people can make for the company is by visiting the website. Along with it, it is the first mode for the company to have an authentic proof that yes we are present, and data is not fake.

When people view website of any company they first get a relief that the party is not fake and in real they exist. This website is the first step people look into to establish business relation with the company. Now here if suppose they feel that much of the information in the website is missing they will defiantly hesitate to move further for any big business deal.

So for those business which are connected or wants to connect from far region they first look into for the website of the business. They would look in to each and every option available to explore of the business activity the company is doing.

What all data is present makes huge impact in the mind of people and how they perceive the business activities. Similarly if there is very less data in the website of the company then too it could be perceived as negative by the viewers.

Like for example if someone is searching for any school. Then schools will mostly have a website of their own. Here if they go through it and find so many links for so many new things then they feel that the school is very good and they would choose it. But if there are very less links and no content then they would feel school is not working or not up to the mark.

Thus from website itself people develop idea of authenticity of the opposite party.

  • Awareness of product or service

Today business wants to have a global presence so that there could be more sales. For this they create websites to show that they prevail in the market. With this first they get recognize in the internet platform.  The people with interest in the company’s product or service will try to first look into what is present in the website.

With appropriate items available in the website they get aware of what the company is and in which business the company is working.  What is its business tie-up or any other information of at most importance can be known. Sound decision of partnership also is influenced by the website which the business posses.

Like for example if you see the website of TATA Chemicals limited company. One can find so much of information about the company.  Company mentions its strength by marketing themselves:

  • World’s 3rd largest producer of soda ash globally,
  • Number of plants globally
  • No of employees,
  • Their branded products list
  • Basic to special chemistry product
  • Community services the company is engaged with
  • Innovative technology the company uses
  • Their geographical presence
  • Newsroom
  • Investors resource

Etc. is the information’s link available on first home pages itself. As one looks into this, first a very stable image of company is created in the mind of the people. For any business they totally rely that the company is not fake and is having high corporate standards.

Such websites creates awareness into the mind of the people. Without website it is not possible for the business to get a global presence and make people aware about what they are doing.

  • Mode of contact

Website for any business acts as a mode of contact for the public. Their information is displayed as to in which mode they want to communicate.

Mostly email address and phone number is present in website as a mode of communication. Some website does not have phone number but may have email address for communication. This depends if they are having more call then to reduce their burden they will only display email address.

Some of the website has enquiry form as a mode of communication between people and company. With this they can get a properly featured data as to where the person is interested in and what is he looking for.

Many website has information of telephonic numbers of various people along with their designation. With the use of this business can enlarge the audience they can get into contact. Like for example, a company Vermi compost is having business of making fertilizer organically then they have a link of whatsapp. Just by clicking on this a whatspp chat box is opened.

People can chat and get inquiry about the product. This leads to increase in sales and more client – company interaction.

Thus from website businesses can get mode to connect with people and increase their sales. Also with other useful information or interaction they can make changes in the business operations.

  • Brand value

Website is an integral part of company’s brand value. Just by viewing the website people decide what core Value Company carries in itself.   Website has impact on business and brand value. There are various contexts where people make their decision:

  • Style of website design
  • Color combination used
  • Display of information
  • Images used in website

Above plays an important role in building a brand of your business through website. A business is in which stage can be briefly known from the information displayed from the website.

Like for example, if the company is having a product which is used globally then through website we can create an impact.  Now let’s say the company Samsung Electronics. There website has excellent use of color combination which is found in the product too. They have a clear display of items in the website and properly managed information. This can be easily viewed. The images and videos used here are matching the product.  This sticks to the brand value the company carries in itself.

The images, videos, style of website design had huge impact in the mind of the people. One can create trust among people by showing information that is linked to the mind set of people.

For any new company to establish itself globally they need to look into what information customers want. First the customers will look for what they do, then which are the business partners in that region, who are the business partner the company is engaged with. All this information creates and establishes a brand image of the company.

  • Marketing by SEO service

Today business wants to have an impact and they should be listed on top of searched result. For this they use SEO service for their websites. SEO services in websites can give huge impact to business. It is mainly used to recognize their business in international platform. Whenever for any product people search in internet then in the first hit the name of the company is displayed in goggle search. This is SEO service. When business use this service they can generate more leads and hence make more profit.

  • Getting data and information

Through websites business gets much information related to generation of leads. There are forms that need to be filled up.  This are of inquiry and various information is needed to be filled into it.  Such information is then categorized and analysis can be done.

Like for example for a production management ERP website, there are forms which people filled. This data is very important for company to know customer needs. Along with that lead generation leads to making contract and profitable business.


It is through website that company can get continues global presence. More data and information is generated which leads to making more contracts and profit making.  Website is one part of brand value and it has huge impact on sales of the product. Thus overall the website of the company is like an entity which is having global connection of company and people. It has huge impact in business and growth of the company.

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