7 Web Design And Development Trends

As a web developer to being updated is very important to grow up yourself for a technological future, the most recent standard today may change tomorrow with algorithms. 2019 trends are about the mobile-friendly site, website speed, web UX/UI.

Here are 5 web development which we think will be trending in 2019.

1. Mobile-first website

According to the survey, internet user approximately spends around 70% of their time on smartphones. So, it’s important to take note of the same and re-invent elements or components that offer a seamless experience to mobile users. So on the off chance that you need to contribute to those clients a prudent way better prepare your site for mobile screens. The experience on mobile screens is not the same as on a more big screen of laptop and desktop screen. Websites need to be exclusively designed for mobile devices in the first place. Again, 2019 will need more optimization inclined towards voice search. Users are impatient to get hold of information in the fastest way possible. 

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are crucial to customer support much more because of the collaboration of artificial intelligence, which is machine learning techniques. It enables us to improve automate repetitive tasks and responsive time. This way you can analyze your client base even before initiating a first cut discussion with them. 2019 will be a year that will see many more such interactions being incorporated in websites. Having an AI-powered chatbot installed on your website can surely help you increase the conversion rate.

3. UX/UI

The other notable thing is UX/UI. Every web developer should consider the utilization of motion UI. Motion UX/UI enables you to animated design elements like the magical moving of elements. With advanced CSS transitions, animation to work with any JS framework, this strategy is all about the latest way we all perceive a user interface. 

4. Static site generator

A static site has a package of pages that includes basic HTML files. Another web development pattern that is difficult to neglect is the static web page generator. The rate at which a site generator is being adopted and used is impressive. Static generator help to creating a high-quality website with aesthetically-sound websites in just a few hours and also it considers the security, loading speed of a website. It also uses server resources in a rational manner. Also, Check 9 Top WordPress Interior Design Themes To Use In 2019

5. Single page designs

Single page designs will be a popular buzz of 2019. When we state single page structure it truly implies a solitary page without additional links leading to blogs. The next concept is SEO dependent on content. The single-page design insignificant HTML and javascript which enhances the client experience, thus, winning a higher SEO positioning on Google.

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