Now, every company is developing a website to grow their business in competitive markets. CMS (Content Management System) is used for low-cost website design. WordPress is one of the greatest content management systems (CMS) that developers utilize to create various types of eCommerce sites. According to the study, WordPress is used by over 455 million websites around the world.

The owner of the business can easily develop and manage the website using the CMS. As a result, 60% of websites in the world are created using a CMS, with WordPress representing 37% of all websites.

When developers attempt to build a website using CMS tools, the majority of them believe that “WordPress (and other CMS solutions) are only used for blogging sites” – which is not the case. Now, WordPress offers a variety of features, plugins, and other advantages via which businesses can develop or create websites with various features.

Time magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Target, among many other well-known companies and brands utilize WordPress to power their websites.

What are the reasons for using WordPress for website design?

Everyone is now very interested in learning more about the advantages of WordPress and the reasons for its success. Here are 5 reasons for WordPress’s popularity that you may see at a glance.

1. Open source and most popular CMS

There are a variety of reasons why there are many CMS users, but WordPress users surpass all others.

There are several advantages, but the biggest is their accessibility. WordPress is free and open-source software that can be downloaded, installed, and updated by anyone, anywhere.

They also provide a variety of plugins, many of which are free to use, such as slideshow plugins, content forms plugins, SEO plugins, etc.

2. Themes and plugins make this easy to customize

The site’s design, appearance, and contents are the site’s key features. Various businesses hire a web designer to develop an inactive website and spend resources.

Small firms, on the other side, have a limited budget, making it nearly impossible to create an effective website. For their website, they now depend on WordPress plugins and pre-built themes. CMS offers a variety of themes, each of which may be customized in terms of fonts, colors, and looks.

As a result, non-IT users may use WordPress themes and plugins to create a website that is gaining the attention of consumers.

3. SEO friendly

The process of improving a website for search engines is referred to as “search engine optimization.”  The company’s website receives more visitors thanks to SEO. Sites that are well-optimized attract the newest visitors and help businesses in spreading awareness of their products around the world.

WordPress includes SEO plugins, which users or developers can use to optimize their pages. Additionally, when a new page or post is added to the site, WordPress plugins can set the title and meta description for the site automatically. One of the reasons for WordPress’s popularity is increasing day by day.

4. Safe and Secure

When it comes to the internet, every company first considers security. For businesses that work and sell things online, security is important.

Various intruders in the world steal the data of fast-growing or top businesses. Companies are also responsible for keeping data secure, which is why they are willing to spend more for increased security.

The developers can provide security to organizations with the help of the WordPress plugin. This keeps the site safe and secure for the company, as well as for their customers’ trust, by maintaining their personal information.

5. Cost-effective

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows anyone with a basic understanding to create their website.

If a small business wants to establish a website but doesn’t have the money to use it, they can develop and design it for a low price. Because this CMS (Content Management System) provides a multitude of free plugins. There are also numerous high-tech plugins available at a low cost that improve the site’s functionality.

Every firm, whether it is just starting out or already a market leader, can now construct its website with the help of WordPress plugins and themes.

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In addition, ways to use WordPress

WordPress and its plugins can be used in a variety of ways to create a useful and effective website.

1. A news portal with RSS feed

Nowadays, a variety of news websites are available to keep readers up to date on current events throughout the world. WordPress is also used to create this type of news platform.

However, just supplying news isn’t enough for a news platform. They require multiple news sources.

The ‘WP RSS Aggregator’ allows users to add RSS feeds to their website or news portal. The “WP News Desk” is an example of a news portal made with this CMS.

2. E-Learning portals

There are a variety of plugins available in the CMS tools, each with its own set of benefits and uses. ‘LifterLMS Plugin’ is one of them, and it’s extremely popular.

Now, the world is turning digital, and not only that but online technologies are utilized in the educational area. Online courses and classes are making it easier for students to learn something new every day.

There are numerous coaching institutes and classes that use WordPress to create online learning portals. They may give features such as online classes, online study documents, live classes, and more on their learning portal with the use of the ‘LifterLMS plugin.’

3. Appointment Scheduling and booking site

Many doctors, employers, counselors, and other professionals now use appointment or booking sites. Throughout this procedure, they can manage all of their customers and provide an appropriate answer to their visitors.

This type of site is created for a low cost by utilizing WordPress and plugins such as ‘WooCommerce Bookings’ and ‘EDD Bookings.’

4. E-Commerce site

Organizations, corporations, businesses, manufacturing industries, and other entities create E-Commerce sites. This type of site gives up-to-date information on a company’s offers and the latest news, such as new product launches, pricing changes, etc.

Making changes is simple for businesses with the use of CMS technologies. For changing or uploading the content, no prior knowledge of coding is required. With the help of WordPress, they can easily update their site’s content.

5. Job portal

Behind any successful company, there are numerous efforts from employees as well as the owner who have dedicated their lives to achieving the company’s goals. When they need to hire a new employee, they have several options, one of which is to use an online job platform.

WordPress is also used to create this type of job portal. Developers utilize the ‘WP Job Manager plugin for this.

Even today, industries post current job openings on their web pages and connect with a large number of qualified people.

6. CRM system

CRM (Customer Relations Management) technologies help businesses gain more customer leads and increase revenue.

Imagine how much easier it would be for businesses to do their work and save time if they had this type of facility on their premises. Businesses may now integrate CRM system functionalities into their websites utilizing the WordPress plugin ‘WP ERP.’

CRM systems help companies to provide their customers with the best possible service, after or before they purchase their products or services online. As a result, the website becomes more and more impactful and appealing to earn consumer trust.

7. Crowdfunding website

Ready to connect with potential investors and financiers on the internet. Businesses can use numerous plugins to create crowdfunding campaigns with safe payment ways.

Several plugins are available that allow clients and investors to make secure online payments. Businesses can connect with several investors who are willing to invest financially to assist them to expand in the market using this feature.

Many sites accept donations online via safe payment options. They can attract more sponsors and help those who need financial support.

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As a result, connecting with users over the internet through a site has become easier due to CMS solutions. And WordPress is one of the best tools, with the most up-to-date plugins and themes, for creating the best website design for businesses.

WordPress allows the user to create management sites, project information sites, latest updates (News Portal), career possibilities pages, online payment methods, online shopping sites, and many other types of websites. Now it’s your turn to create appealing websites using the free CMS tools and their built-in plugins or themes.

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