Online Exam Software

Online Exam Software

User friendly web based secure online exam software.

ConductExam provides simple to use online exam system with the convenience of the web. Through the use of the web this can be accessible from any part of the world at any point of time. With this online management system, the administrator has the freedom to create online exam or questions at any point of time. These online tests or questions can be easily shared with the users. The user also has the flexibility to give the online test at any time and from anywhere as per the suitability.

With ConductExam web based online exam software administrator can analyze the online test after the submission by the user. The online test can be analyzed in various ways as per the requirement. This will make the process of analyzing the test fast and with a high rate of accuracy. Conduct Exam web based online test software provides the result after completion of the test. There is no waiting for the result. At the same time after completion the user can see the result online. The user can analyze the test question wise and can categorize the questions that took more time and which are easy to solve. This will help the user to improve in the area in which user is lacking.

Conduct Exam web based online exam software is user friendly and are compatible with all the common browsers used for the activity based on web. This does not require any new software to be updated or installed for conducting or giving any test. The web browsers compatible are Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 8+, Opera 10+ and Firefox 3.0+. These browsers are easily found in every corner of the world. There is no special training required to do anything on examination software for uploading of question or test paper or analysis or giving of the test, etc. With little knowledge of computer it can be accessed and worked on easily.


This online examination system based on the web can be used by Institutions, Universities, Corporate, tuition centers, etc. This is the best way of creating online records of test for the students, employees etc. With this analysis can be made on individual basis easily. This also makes everyone free from the hassles of test given on paper. With this the requirement to make all the records on paper on the basis of person to person is done easily which is considered to be the most tedious task.

Conduct Exam maintains the security of each and every paper and records on the web. The security is one of the major criteria for Conduct Exam software. There is safety regarding all the records and data with Conduct Test. All the records are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the individual anytime.

Conduct Exam can be accessed any time 365 days. It is accessible 24 X 7 without any issues or complication. The service support is there every time without any break. In case of any difficulty the support can be taken without making a second thought about it.